PBM & Acupuncture & PhotoMedicine

One Laser Acupuncture for All Your Treatment Requirements

Fast easy touch-screen operation and automatic dosage calculation

Mains power and battery back-up for clinic and sports field therapy

Simultaneous 2 probe operation saves valuable treatment time

Trigger point and Acupoint detector and energy measurement

Easy Touch-Screen Operation Saves Time


  1.  Select which laser attachment you will use
  2.  Select your preferred treatment application
  3.  Energy dosage is automatically calculated
  4.  Appropriate frequency is automatically selected
  5. Position Laser on treatment area & PRESS START button

Treatment versatility over 200 pre-set applications



Wound Healing








General Therapy 1

General Therapy 2


Olympic Attachments

Cluster laser Probes

517B: Multi– Cluster 12 Laser Diodes

600mW/ 655nm/ 785nm

+ (Spot Size Approximately 20

516B: Super-Pulsed 5 Laser Diodes

+ Pronged Movable Tips 5x 60W/ 904nm

516C: Super-Pulsed 5 Laser Diodes

+Focussed Spot Size 5x 30W/ 904nm

516D: Super-Pulsed 5 Laser Diodes

+ Focussed for Knee + Shoulder 5X30W/904nm 

Single Laser Probe Attachments

511A: Single Laser Probe


515A: Single Super Pulsed

90 W/ 904nm

514A: Single Laser Probe

150mW/638nm Visible Red

Mobile Scanning Laser

509: Photonic Satellite Laser

150mW/638nm & 500mW/810 + OPTIONAL 405nm

Moving adjustable beam size and beam shape for small to large area thera

Choice of 4 Beam Shapes and Adjustable Sizes

Simultaneous Multiple Point Acupuncture

+ Meridian Frequencies

508: Lightneedle 600 + 12 laser monofibres

Choice of angled OR straight lightneedles each 50mW/655nm


Treatment Time 

Average 10 to 15 Minutes

508A: Lightneedle 300

4 X 655nmRed /50mW + 2 X 405nmBlue /50mW

Physiolaser Olympic  

Frequency Specific- Acupuncture & Auriculomedicine

According to Research

Dr Paul Nogier; France research 1908-1996 Auricular Medicine

Dr Frank Bahr; German Academy of Acupuncture & Auriculomedicine

Dr Manfred Reininger; Austrian Society for Controlled Acupuncture & Auriculomedicine

Dr Christoph Sholtes; Swiss Society for Controlled Acupuncture & Auriculomedicine

Physiolaser Olympic

Meridian Testing and Energy Measurement

553A:     Detection Probe & Hand Electrode Attachment

Differential measurement for gold/silver points on the ear solves the problem of the ring electrode producing incorrect measurements of acupoints

Dr Nogier

essential frequencies for testing acupoints on the ear and body

Dr Bahr
corresponding frequencies for deep, middle, superficial tissues, vessels

Dr Reininger
relate to the frequencies of the 12 main acupuncture meridians

Dr Sholtes  


Mobile Workstation * Customised Probe Shelves

Trolley Sold Separately

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