Cordless StandAlone Laser Pen

Acupuncture Optional attachments for auriculotherapy+ wide area treatment

Dentistry Optional attachment for intra-oral+ photodynamic disinfection (PDI)

Podiatry – Easy to reach small joints, bone grafts, surgical incisions, toe nails

*Optional CONVEX Lens attachment for broad area treatment of feet or hands

Hand Therapy –Targeted treatment for tendon, ligament, nerves, fingers

LaserPen high-performance, re-chargeable batteries and compact desktop charger stand means the LaserPen is ready for operation, immediately and anywhere…

Thanks to its ergonomic design and low weight, absolutely effortless spot laser therapy is available to you right at your fingertips. The LaserPen is easily operated by using the buttons on the top of the unit, and its back-lit display always shows the parameters that have been set.

Inbuilt  diagnostic function and treatment menu with full range of acupuncture points and bio- frequencies to enhance treatment outcomes without the need for skin penetration with metal acupuncture needles, makes the LaserPen an ideal alternative for needle phobic patients and children.

Studies show that treatments with higher milliwatt power and infra-red wavelengths produce better results from acupuncture

(Aigner N, Fialka C, Radda C, Vecsei V. 2006.,Quah-Smith J I, Tang W M, Russel J,2005)

What the LaserPen offers you

Various special attachments are available for precise laser acupuncture, auriculomedicine, surface treatment is supplied with integrated NiMH batteries and has an operating time of many hours, depending on the laser diode.

The batteries can be charged directly in the charging station
Different configurations, power up to 90 W (200 nsec.) 904nm

Pre-programmed resonance frequencies

in the LaserPen Compact

  • Frequency information is transmitted via the proven bio-frequencies or resonance frequencies in addition to the laser photon energy :
    7 Nogier frequencies (NOGIER)7 Bahr frequencies (BAHR)
    Chakra frequencies according to Bahr
    Meridian frequencies according to REININGER
  • Anti-allergy, anti-tinnitus, viral/bacterial according to REININGER as well as Continuous beam and much more.

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