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December Combined Master Course for Practitioners who have already completed Laser Science & Safety Training with AILT

1st & 2nd December 2018


Due to high demand, we will be presenting a 2-day weekend tutorial and hands on laser workshop relating to selected Dermatological & Post-Operative case studies PLUS Neuro-Muscular & Rehabilitation using non-thermal Laser Phototherapy. 


You are invited to share a case study about the best treatment result you have achieved with a client/patient this year using non-thermal Laser Phototherapy. 
Case studies are limited to a 10 min oral overview with a further 5 minutes for group discussion. If you have good photographic evidence, then please save your photos to a USB and we will download them for projector viewing by attendees. Case study abstracts (200 words) must be submitted 2 weeks prior to the Master Course and a maximum of 4 case studies will be selected for presentation on Saturday and Sunday according to individuality and treatment outcomes. 
The most interesting clinical case study for Day 1 and Day 2 will receive an Award. 

So mark out your calendar and book those cheap airfares now for this not to be missed end of year event! 

Full Master Course brochure and enrolment form will be sent out via email 23rd October.

Download brochure and Enrolment Form.

Download digital Enrolment Form.


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offering the widest range and most advanced phototherapeutic laser equipment for non-thermal low level laser therapy (LLLT) since 1997

The Australian Institute of Laser Therapy (AILT) has been providing Post Graduate education in the application and tissue interactions of medical laser devices and Intense Pulsed Light for almost two decades and is highly respected by medical and allied health practitioners, as a point of contact when considering to integrate Laser or IPL into their clinical practice...

AILT has grown to be a leader not only in Cosmetic Photo-Rejuvenation of skin, but also in the rapidly emerging field of Laser Photo-Medicine for pain management, accelerated tissue repair and rehabilitation, offering the most comprehensive and varied range of phototherapy equipment and prices.

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