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Photo: Dr Tiina Karu, renowned PhD researcher and cytobiologist in the field of photochemistry and photobiology, presented Tina Czech the Director and technical consultant of the Australian Institute of Laser Therapy with her latest autographed book "Ten Lectures on the Basic Science of Laser Phototherapy"

From the Director

Having recently retired from clinical practice, to concentrate on providing hands- on education in clinical application of laser phototherapy, commonly known as Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), I reflect back over the past 24yrs of my career as a clinician, educator, researcher and acknowledge that l have been inspired and professionally driven by the positive improvements from LLLT in those patients, who had failed to respond favourably to medication alone OR a plethora of other treatment modalities with little or no improvement in their condition and I often wondered what their story would have been, if laser phototherapy had been introduced into their treatment regime, much sooner rather than later.

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Ten-Eyewitness-News-logo   Endorsed by Nick Maxwell (Collingwood Football Club) and Glenn Maxwell (Victorian Cricketer) on Channel Ten.

offering the widest range and most advanced phototherapeutic laser equipment for non-thermal low level laser therapy (LLLT) since 1997

The Australian Institute of Laser Therapy (AILT) has been providing Post Graduate education in the application and tissue interactions of medical laser devices and Intense Pulsed Light for almost two decades and is highly respected by medical and allied health practitioners, as a point of contact when considering to integrate Laser or IPL into their clinical practice...

AILT has grown to be a leader not only in Cosmetic Photo-Rejuvenation of skin, but also in the rapidly emerging field of Laser Photo-Medicine for pain management, accelerated tissue repair and rehabilitation, offering the most comprehensive and varied range of phototherapy equipment and prices.

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