PBM Laser Equipment has been specially designed to transmit visible and near infra-red wavelengths into the skin surface to instigate beneficial therapeutic effects within the skin and underlying tissues. Important factors for effective treatment, depend on using the appropriate wavelengths, correct exposure time, efficient powers as well as a wide range of frequencies that have been demonstrated to further influence different types of tissues and conditions. Clinical equipment emitting coherent light from a laser device, is usually the first choice for PBMT, as it is deemed to have better penetration capabilities when treating deeper, denser tissues (Karu,2003).

History has indicated that, photobiomodulation therapy is only as good as the photobiomodulation device you are using, so do your research and choose wisely right from the start. Whilst low priced PBM equipment can seem attractive to the uniformed buyer, the technical features will be limited and the operating powers will be quite low, which is a hindrance to providing a comprehensive and effective treatment, in an efficient time frame to paying patients. Advanced laser technology comes at a price, but it also ensures consistently effective treatments for a wider range of tissue conditions, which will in the long term provide a greater financial return than the initial cost of your investment in laser PBM equipment.

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