PBM Laser Training

Presenter:  Tina Czech

DATE: Sunday – February 21st  2021

TIME: 4pm – 4.30pm     Question Time: 4.30 – 4.45pm


Photobiomodulation (PBM) research has now reached a point, where physical recordable observation, demonstrates that wavelengths within the visible and near-infra red spectrum support homeokinesis and homeostasis within animals and humans. Chronic illness is becoming increasingly common and ongoing medical management combined with a multifaceted approach to treatment can offer patients more favourable outcomes and an improved quality of life.

Non-invasive systemic PBM therapy applied trans-dermally over superficial blood vessels of the wrist or popliteal fossa or under the tongue activates light induced improvements on blood components and blood oxygen transport,rheological blood properties and significant improvement in immune assays and immune competency to support biological function and healing and aid recovery after injury or surgery, which will be discussed during this 30 minute online tutorial.



Laser and IPL Science

and Laser Safety Certificate Course

Distance Learning-  COURSE OUTLINE

This course is nationally recognised by Radiation Health Authorities as a pre-requisite to gaining a license to use a laser in Queensland, Tasmania, Western Australia and by professional indemnity insurance providers.

During this course you will learn the underpinning science and physics of laser and non- laser IPL devices and the essential knowledge that governs successful treatment outcomes when using high level class 4 laser and IPL equipment and/or low level non-thermal PBM phototherapy devices.

Safe use of laser & IPL requires an understanding of the critical factors that need to be adhered to in order to establish a safe treatment environment for both clients and clinical staff, when integrating laser or  IPL equipment into a cosmetic, medical or health care clinic.

On conclusion of this course it is a government requirement that each student complete the open-book written examination to be issued with a recognised Laser Safety Certificate, which is  a pre- requisite to acquiring a licence to use a laser device in QLD ,WA and Tasmania.


  • Course Duration 8 Hours
  • Study Time 3 Hours
  • Written Exam must be completed and returnedas a separate attachment to an email within the 8-hour duration of this course

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