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LightNeedle600 belongs to the family of laser attachments that attach to the Physiolaser Olympic Control Unit and utilises12 X 655nm/ 50mW laser mono-fibres and offers the next generation acupuncture beyond the conventional method of metal needle acupuncture or single diode laser point by point acupuncture.

Once connected to the Physiolaser the LightNeedle600 can access all the pre-programmed treatments the Physiolaser has to offer

Lightneedles that are not being used for acupuncture can be placed on different parts of the anatomy to treat inflamed joints, tendons, trigger points, nerves and muscles at the same time as the acupuncture is being conducted OR you may choose to save valuable time by treating 2 patients at the same time using the LightNeedle600

Bipolar Therapy can also be performed using a separate single laser probe to perform auriculotherapy, while carrying out simultaneous monitoring of the VAS pulse while the LightNeedle600 is providing acupuncture on other body or face areas during the same treatment session

LightNeedle600 multiple point acupuncture is painless, readily accepted by patients and fast to apply with an average treatment time for a very comprehensive treatment taking 10 – 15 minutes and makes available correct meridian frequencies as well as   a full range of Nogier, Bahr and  Reininger frequencies for advanced acupuncture


In addition to the classical methods of point stimulation metal needle and moxibustion, non-invasive laser acupuncture has been proven to instigate the same beneficial effects that are achieved with metal acupuncture needles and has been demonstrated using near-infrared spectroscopy to objectify cerebral effects of needle and laser needle acupuncture   

Reference: Spectroscopy 16 (2002) 335-342, page 6,
Gerhard Litscher, Department of Biomedical Engineering and Research in Anesthesia and Critical Care, University of Graz, Austria
Detlef Schikora, Department of Physics and Optoelectronics, University of Paderborn, Germany


In this study, near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) was successfully used to objectify cerebral changes in oxyhemoglobin and deoxyhemoglobin by manual needle acupuncture and laser needle acupuncture in 88 healthy volunteers with a mean age of 25.7 + 4.0 (x + SD) years (19 – 38 years). Results of traditional Chinese acupuncture, Korean and Chinese hand acupuncture, ear acupuncture, combinations of different acupuncture methods and placebo needling are presented.


1)  Straight lightweight applicator tip attached to adhesive, disposable holders

2)  Angled PATENTED applicator delivers laser light at 90degree angle to fall vertically onto the acupoint

Schematic Comparison of Metal Needle with Laser LightNeedle

Schematic demonstrates that metal acupuncture needle acts quickly to begin with and then falls constantly, so the needle needs to be turned and moved from time to time to maintain the physical stimulation.

Stimulation of an acupuncture point via the laser LightNeedle600 rises gently and remains at a high level as it is sustained by the additional energy of the laser light

Patients were familiar with the metal needle technique compared to the laser needle method (p <0.0001 ***). Laserneedle acupuncture is a painless method (p <0.0001 ***), induces energy and relaxation (p = 0.0257 *), which creates a feeling of warmth during the treatment (p = 0.0009 ***).



MAIN UNIT with interface cable for connection to the Physiolaser Olympic Control Unit

 PLUS 12- 50mW X 655nm (600mW) mono-fibre light guides

Choice of 12 Straight OR 12 Angled Laser needles

Laser Needle Holder + table clamp



 can be purchased separately

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