Papers and Studies




The Role Of Low Intensity Laser Therapy in Community Nursing
Tina Henrietta E. Czech, Leila Karimi
Australian Journal of Advanced Nursing, Vol. 29, No. 1

Effect of low-intensity (3.75-25 J/cm2) near-infrared (810 nm) laser radiation on red blood cell ATPase activities and membrane structure
Kujawa J; Zavodnik L; Zavodnik I; Buko V; Lapshyna A; Bryszewska M

Effect of low-power He-Ne laser irradiation on rabbit articular chondrocytes in vitro
Jia YL; Guo ZY

Effect of low-level laser irradiation on osteoglycin gene expression in osteoblasts
Hamajima S; Hiratsuka K; Kiyama-Kishikawa M; Tagawa T; Kawahara M; Ohta M; Sasahara H; Abiko Y

Molecular structure of the bony tissue after experimental trauma to the mandibular region followed by laser therapy
Rochkind S; Kogan G; Luger EG; Salame K; Karp E; Graif M; Weiss J

Low-energy laser irradiation promotes the survival and cell cycle entry of skeletal muscle satellite cells
Shefer G; Partridge TA; Heslop L; Gross JG; Oron U; Halevy O

Efficacy of low power laser therapy in fibromyalgia: a single-blind, placebo-controlled trial
Gür A; Karakoç M; Nas K; Cevik R; Saraç J; Demir E

Low-level laser effect on neural regeneration in Gore-Tex tubes
Miloro M; Halkias LE; Mallery S; Travers S; Rashid RG

A systematic review of low level laser therapy with location-specific doses for pain from chronic joint disorders
Bjordal JM; Couppé C; Chow RT; Tunér J; Ljunggren EA

Low-power laser in osteoarthritis of the cervical spine
Monteforte P; Baratto L; Molfetta L; Rovetta G

Low level laser therapy for treatment of primary and secondary Raynaud's phenomenon
al-Awami M; Schillinger M; Maca T; Pollanz S; Minar E

Light promotes regeneration and functional recovery and alters the immune response after spinal cord injury
Byrnes KR; Waynant RW; Ilev IK; Wu X; Barna L; Smith K; Heckert R; Gerst H; Anders JJ

Low-level laser treatment can reduce edema in second degree ankle sprains
Stergioulas A

Determining optimal dose of laser therapy for attachment and proliferation of human oral fibroblasts cultured on titanium implant material
Khadra M; Lyngstadaas SP; Haanaes HR; Mustafa K

Treatment of Medical and Lateral Epicondylitis - Tennis and Golfer's Elbow - With Low Level Laser Therapy: A Multicenter, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Clinical Study on 324 Patients
Zlatko Simunovic, M.D. F.M.H.; Tatjana Trobonjaca, M.D.; Zlatko Trobonjaca, M.D.

Photobiomodulation improves cutaneous wound healing in an animal model of type II diabetes
Byrnes KR; Barna L; Chenault VM; Waynant RW; Ilev IK; Longo L; Miracco C; Johnson B; Anders JJ

The efficacy of low-power lasers in tissue repair and pain control: a meta-analysis study
Enwemeka CS; Parker JC; Dowdy DS; Harkness EE; Sanford LE; Woodruff LD

Wound healing of animal and human body sport and traffic accident injuries using low-level laser therapy treatment: a randomized clinical study of seventy-four patients with control group
Simunovic Z; Ivankovich AD; Depolo A

The influence of low-level laser therapy on biomodulation of collagen and elastic fibers
ugliese LS; Medrado AP; Reis SR; Andrade Zde A