POLYLASER Stand-alone Multiple Wavelength Cluster

Polylaser Stand alone laser sml

POLYLASER TRION 8X55mW/785nm + 4x40mW/655nm ( 600mW )

The area of the laser diodes is covered with a special high reflection foil to optimize the laser effect. This will lead to an improved therapy result because of minimal loss of photon energy. The photons will be reflected and multiplied therefore finally more photons will penetrate through the skin.

The 12 laser diodes irradiate an area of about 20 cm2 quickly and efficient. Ideal for treating wounds, joints, reflex zones and much more. The special diode arrangement transmits the concentrated energy with maximum effectiveness in the shortest amount of time. 


PolyLaser Derma


The Polylaser Trion Derma uses a special lens in order to optimise the photon supply and to perform facial massage with topical skin products. 

Non-Invasive Laser Face Lifting & Collagen Regeneration:

  1. DERMA POLYLASER has a unique optical lens to optimize laser light penetration into deep, middle and superficial skin layers using 3 different wavelengths 635nm/655nm/785nm delivered with 600mW of power 
over 20cm2 surface area
  2. DERMA POLYLASER version offers 600mW of power in continuous beam mode within the 632nm/655nm/785nm  wavelength range delivered through a specialised dermatology lens to maximise absorption into the epidermal -dermal and muscle tissue, which is used in combination with topical dermaceutical grade skin products during treatment to maximise collagen synthesis.    ( see Skin Repair Duo information BELOW)

Before after picsEpithelium and Collagen


hyaluronic acid

Polylaser hand 4c

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