Multilase Med 9 Laser and Lipo Plus

med9 main2Fully computerised non-thermal therapeutic system incorporating 4 unique laser delivery systems to provide maximum efficiency and optimum therapeutic effects. 9 Pulsing Parameters including Multi-Mode that enables the clinician to alternate between three individual pulse modes in the one treatment without touching a button. State of the art technology ensures that available energy is consistent across all pulsing parameters and all types of skin and musculoskeletal conditions.




This entire system can easily be transported from clinic to clinic or home visits.

Spectra Laser Multiscan Laser






This can be done by simply changing the delivery system and parameters. The inbuilt memory allows the therapist to pre-program the entire treatment. Exceptionally fast delivery provides cost effective treatment for both the client and therapist.
Multilase ® Med 9 Laser System conforms with 1EC 601-1 and BSI standards, providing safe and effective laser therapy that is non-invasive, painless and has no side effects.

The automatic point finder will accurately detect skin resistance relating to trigger points and acupuncture points.

A revolutionary 5-lasers-in-one offering multiple modes of application for skin and all soft and hard tissue therapy.

  • Multiscan laser for large area treatment and circulation
    46 diodes
    frequency modulated by Med9 control unit
  • Photon laser for acupuncture skin and soft tissue
    frequency modulated by Med9 control unit
  • Pulsar Plus laser for deep soft tissue
    Patent Pending
    915nm average power
    density 100mW pulse trains
    300KHz - 1MHz modulated by Med9 control unit
  • Spectra laser for surface skin
    frequency modulated by Med9 control unit
  • Blue/Red Cluster for anti-bacterial treatment for skin
    60 Diode
    24 x 10 mW / 660 nm
    36 x 10 mW / 415 nm
    frequency modulated by Med9 control unit

Optional: Soft carrying bag is available.



Introducing the Lipo Plus

Lipo PlusNon-invasive, natural and drug-free Lipo Plus the can reshape your body whether you are looking for general inch-loss or simply to tackle that stubborn area which you just can’t budge. This amazing technology, though only recently introduced, is a fabulous new addition to the well-researched and tested family of low level laser therapies. Clients and clinicians alike are freely praising the remarkable inch-loss results from such a quick and easy treatment.
Manufactured in the UK by Omega Laser Systems Limited one of the leading low level laser companies which has been producing equipment to stringent medical standards for over 20 years. You can be sure of the expertise behind the Lipo Plus.

How does Lipo Plus work?

Low level laser is used in general practice around the world for healing, pain relief and non needle acupuncture and has been extensively researched over decades. Laboratory research has demonstrated that varying powers and wavelengths of laser light have different effects on the cells of the body. With the Lipo Plus inch-loss protocols the adipose cells, commonly known as fat cells, react to particular wavelengths of the red laser light delivered at a particular energy density. The application of this laser light results in the cell producing a lipase enzyme which helps break down the triglyceride cell contents into glycerol and fatty acids. It also makes the cell walls more permeable allowing the fatty acids to pass through them more easily. These fatty acids are then transported via the lymphatic system and become readily available as fuel for the body.

The Lipo Plus therefore triggers the natural process of releasing these contents from the fat cells as if the body was calling upon them for its energy. Without their triglyceride content, the fat cells take up less space resulting in the inch-loss effect. In practical terms the effect is immediate and although a course is recommended for best results measurable inch-loss is usually achieved directly after the first treatment. The body of evidence for the clinical success of this inch-loss therapy continues to grow as does its popularity with clients both men and women.

Treatment Course

Each treatment course begins with a guided client consultation to fully understand the client’s wishes and to ensure that they have no medical problems of concern. Treatment itself consists of the application of red laser light to the problem areas using a number of smooth bars each containing 6 laser diodes gently held to the body with fabric wraps. The light passes through the skin without damage or thermal effect and causes the biochemical reaction in the cells. The lymph nodes local to the treatment area are simultaneously stimulated with dedicated lymph probes to aid the transmission of fatty acids away from the area. Inch loss for all the problem areas is available – waist, midriff, back, hips, thighs, knees, arms, jowls - and the treatment is increasingly popular with men to reduce fat around the pectorals (or ‘moobs’!). Treatment of each problem area requires 10 minutes. For best results a course of 8 treatments on a twice weekly regime is recommended. Light exercise provided in the clinic post treatment is also recommended to further facilitate the process and aid lymphatic drainage - a 10 minute session using exercise plates and hydration is ideal. The treatment is hands-free so once it has begun the client can be left to relax for the 10 minutes.

How does it feel?

Totally relaxing - the lasers used are a different class from the surgical or hair removal lasers. They work on a biochemical response to light and clients don’t feel anything except the pleasure of relaxation and confidence that they’re on their way to a new shape.

Measurements are taken before and after each treatment and inch-loss is simply the difference between these. Where multiple areas are being treated all of the differences are added up to give total inch-loss. The Lipo Plus results are so impressive that clients not only tell us about it but they tell all their friends too – so the treatment really promotes itself. “After being weighed, measured and a health-check I had eight, one hour sessions over a period of four weeks... Lost 20” over my torso. Wonderful. Lost my back fat and the fat under my bust down to my waist and stomach. Am going back in a few weeks’ time to have tops of arms done too. Self esteem 100%!” Julie E. from Paignton
“I went as a last resort in an effort to rid myself of extra inches and a horrid fatty lump left after surgery … not only did I lose 34½ inches but also came away from the experience feeling and looking so much better” Abi C. from Exeter

Effective and Safe

Body sculpting results are measurable by the end of each treatment and during research trials clients lost over 10% of torso circumference on average per course of treatment. This laser treatment initiates a photobiological reaction followed by a metabolic process that occurs naturally with absolutely no cell or tissue destruction, unlike medically invasive Liposuction and other types of thermal treatments and ultrasound lipocavitation.

Additional Clinical Treatments

With its extensive experience as a low level laser specialist working in the medical field, Omega Laser Systems is an expert in laser’s healing and stimulatory effects. The has been designed to make the most of its technology by accepting a range of additional probes to provide further laser therapies derived from medical applications. Amongst these is Laser Smoking Cessation to improve your health, wellbeing and appearance by providing a side-effect free method of withdrawing from Nicotine in 6 easy treatment sessions. Additional safe and painless addon clinical treatments also possible using a series of laser attachments include:

  • Face/ Neck Shaping and Tightening
  • Under Eye Firming
  • Stretchmark and Scar Repair
  • Cellulite Elimination
  • Effective Treatment of Acne and Inflammatory Skin Conditions

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