Lightneedle - Simultaneous multiple point non-needle acupuncture attachment for either Photoic 500 Scanner or Physio Laser Olympic


In addition to the classical methods of point stimulation (eg, needle and moxa) the non-invasive laser acupuncture has proven itself for years. The laser acupuncture via fiber optics is an extension of the conventional method with a laser probe, point by point, successively. The LightNeedle method stimulates all points simultaneously and has, among other things the advantage that

  1. it is painless, acts intensive and is readily accepted by patients
  2. the therapist can perform an additional therapeutic manipulation with the laser probe e.g. to ear points or local irradiation 
  3. the therapist can work on his own pace and can take care of other patients
  4. beside the acupuncture the LightNeedle is applicable for the entire LLLT


Arm fiber2
Holder box
Holder fiber
LightNeedle-300 plain

lightneedle Physiolaser trolley small
Ear laser fiber

The RJ LightNeedle is an innovative new treatment system. It offers precise and strong laser stimulation of points and deep tissue layers and can be widely used for many therapeutic applications.

LightNeedle acupuncture is relaxing and painless laser needle therapy. A modular system for multiple point acupuncture which is controlled by the Physio laser control unit taking advantage of all the therapy programs and settings on the physio laser software.
Simply attach it to the outlet of the Physio laser control unit and attach the fibre optic cables to the selected acupuncture points on the clients body. The acupoint therapy will be delivered with the right acupuncture meridian frequency for each particular meridian.
The LightNeedle has 12 outlets (3x4) with 12 laser diodes (50 mW/655 nm).


  • Acupuncture
  • Pain management
  • Trigger Points
  • Joints
  • Tendons (e.g. carpal tunnel)
  • Muscular Skeletal System
  • Nerves





The patented applicator offers for the first time a stable and secure treatment. Conventional systems are attached straight with special holders and are therefore faced with an unstable contact because the tip suffers under the weight of the fiber and tends to lose contact and its position.


  • Modular System
  • 12 outlets
  • Special Fiber Optical (Stable)
  • Standard Tape
  • Treat 2 Patients Simultaneously
  • All Biofrequencies
  • Compact and Mobile

Place the fiber optic tip directly on the acupoint according to the guidelines of classical acupuncture (instead of using metal needles)
The total therapy duration is 10->15 minutes. If you require additional points to be treated you can use the 810nm/500mW single laser probe attached to the Physiolaser control unit at the same time which is particularly useful to treat smaller ear points.