Handylaser Trion and Acupoint Testing

The Trion is the ideal minilaser for acupuncture and acupoint testing. Streamlined and compact, they offer extensive functions, point detection and acupuncture, all in a small package with effective power output. Already programmed with 7 Nogier and 7 Bahr frequencies, as well as continuous beam and automatic energy timer and acoustic 5-second counter.




50mW/785nm Trion
Fast pain relief and acupoint therapy
Of course it also includes an easy-to-use diagnostic component (acoustic indication, light diode chain) and precision optics for high lumination (fine laser output, ø 1mm), ensuring exact point treatment for auricular acupuncture.
Includes hand electrode for patient/client to enable measurement of acupoint energy levels by acoustic and digital readouts. As well as an oral attachment for treatment and detection of hidden dental foci, associated with chronic non-responding health conditions.


Body/ear acupuncture and bio energy measurement using laser.
You can carry out two methods of testing with the Trion Mini - Acupuncture Laser.

  • An electronic digital measurement
  • The NOGIER frequency testing while monitoring the VAS pulse

The electronic measurement produces data that enables detection of energetic disturbances in the acupuncturea maridian system as well as detecting hidden dental disturbances (e.g. root-canal).


  • acoustically (rising tone)
  • visually (bar graph)
  • numerically

The pre-programmed frequencies enable you to carry out VAS (pulse) monitoring according to NOGIER. The frequencies detected can be used directly in therapy, providing a considerable reduction in the therapy time and the most effective laser therapy.

VAS monitoring is only possible if one hand is used for both frequency selection and laser triggering, because the other is needed to monitor the pulse. The practitioner can then compare the reaction from frequency to frequency. Trion Mini- Laser is designed for use with one hand: All functions can be executed simply by moving one finger.